Cosmedix Eye Doctor 7g

Cosmedix Eye Doctor 7g

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We think this is the BEST Eye Cream we have ever used and sold! 

Yes expensive but this tube will last you at least 1 year.

Eye Dr an age-defying, liquid crystal eye serum that replenishes moisture and improves the appearance of damaged, thinning skin around the eyes.

Key Ingredients
Retinol | Encourages the appearance of firmer, younger-looking skin
Spin Trap and Alpha-Lipoic Acid | Fight harmful free radicals
Coconut Extract | Provides deep, lasting hydration

When to Apply Morning and Evening
How to Apply Apply to the under eye area with your ring finger, following the orbital bone and finishing at the brow.

Appropriate For All skin types except for sensitive
Purpose Protects, nourishes and refines the delicate eye area assisting in the reduction of fine lines by increasing cellular turnover, collagen synthesis and offering respite from free radical damage.

Results A reduction in dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and dryness with the eye area appearing firmer and more radiant with frequent use.
Caution Do not use while pregnant or breastfeeding.